Redstone Township Board of Supervisors

Michael T. Cetera - Chairman / James R. Bashour - Vice-Chairman / George A. Matis - Secretary/Treasurer

Meeting Minutes:

February 8, 2023 Meeting Minutes:


With all three Supervisors present, the regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors was held on Wednesday, February 8, 2023 at 3:30 p.m. in the municipal meeting room.  The meeting was called to order by Chairman Michael Cetera.  Person present: Dianna Maglas, John Dorsey, Shannon Spade, Michelle Fetko, Yvonne M. Evans, Mark Ratesic, Sara Swentko, Edward Adams, April Sphar, Robert Sphar, Renee Sphar, Blaine Sphar, Wendy Burkholder, Patricia Bill, Danielle Wilson, Breanne Patterson, Marsha Shea, Joel Oliver, Mackenzie Sphar, Katelyn Dillinger, Kaycee Drennon, Frances Bowlin, Jerrell Bass, Doug Hill-K2, John Over-K2 T. Mickens, America Smith, Robert Lagorda, Chief Troy Rice, Matthew Rouse and Laurie Walters

After the Pledge of Allegiance, Chairman Michael Cetera stated we would go with public comment first and opened the floor to April Sphar. 

April Sphar stated that she was speaking on behalf of the group, Resurrect Republic.  She stated that they were wondering about the Redevelopment and future of Main Street in Republic.  Chairman Michael Cetera stated that the properties purchased by the Township were demolished due to their dilapidated condition for the health, safety and welfare of the residents.  Mrs. Sphar asked what would be happening with the banner hanging on Central Tavern.  She was told it would remain hanging. Mrs. Sphar moved on to ask about the Holy Rosary Cultural Center and if the Supervisors were on board.  James Bashour stated that the Township was on board.  Robert Sphar asked, “All 3 Supervisors voted for the center?” James Bashour stated, “yes, all 3.”  Mrs. Sphar addressed the 3:30pm meeting time and that it is hard for people who work to attend at that time.  She asked if it could be moved to the evening.  George Matis stated that when he became Supervisor, the meetings were held in the evening and less people showed up at this time rather than the 3:30pm time so it was changed back.  Mrs. Sphar commented on the garbage along Main Street in Republic and what was being done to clean it up.  She asked about a recycling program.  She was told that the Township has a recycling bin at the municipal building and is in partnership with Fayette County Recycling.  Mrs. Sphar asked about any community projects and suggested possibly having a street festival in Republic.  Mrs. Sphar addressed the issue of policing matters and stated that when the Redstone Township Police are not on, it takes a long time for the state police to respond to calls.  Robert Sphar then stated that there was a medical emergency at Hennessey’s Bar and it took EMS about an hour to respond.  He said if they would have responded quicker, the young lady would not have died.  Mrs. Sphar addressed the issue of cell phone coverage.  Chairman Michael Cetera stated that there was a broadband survey to see who has or does not have coverage.

Mark Ratesic stated that he was pleased about the buildings being torn down on Main Street.

Diane Maglas asked what was going on with the new sewage project.  Brian Lake from K2 Engineering addressed her question and spoke about all the permitting being in the final steps and that it’s been a big hurdle getting all the easements signed.

America Smith re-addressed the question on changing the meeting time and asked the Board to consider 1 or 2 meetings in the evening.  She also addressed the policing issues, stating that when the State police are called, it takes a long time to respond.  She stated that a lot of people ask her questions.  Chairman Michael Cetera stated that we have a phone number and all they have to do is call with their questions and concerns.  Ms. Smith spoke about the Rails & Trails project in Fairbanks.  Chief Troy Rice stated that the man clearing the properties is not permitted to be doing it.  Ms. Smith asked about the buildings being torn down in Republic and the plan for the vacant properties.  Attorney Jeremy Davis explained the usage of the Redevelopment Authority funding.  Chairman Michael Cetera read a list of where the money has been utilized.  He explained that it isn’t easy to get a grant.  George Matis commented on the LERTA tax and stated that for the first 5 years there is a break in taxes on properties.

John Over from K2 Engineering stated that chasing grant money is not an easy or sure process and it takes a couple of years.  He stated that what you want to see is a Comprehensive Plan.  He also stated that there are a lot of communities chasing that pot of money.

Wendy Burkholder commented that everyone has the same goals and that we have to work together.  

Patricia Bill had questions about the sewage project which Brian Lake explained again.  James Bashour stated that after Phase III was complete, Phase IV would begin stating that it would be on Route 40 to Jackson Farms.

Shannon Spade suggested updates on the Township web page but would not put anything on Facebook.

Sarah Swentko asked about the Medical Center in Republic and what the Township was doing for the residents.  George Matis stated that the Township has not raised taxes while expanding services.

Yvonne Evans commented that Main Street was very functional and supported the Supervisors.

America Smith commented again on how many people care and are in support of Republic.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved after a motion by James Bashour, second by George Matis, all in favor, motion carried.

Bill List #2 was presented to the Board for payment and was approved after a motion was made by George Matis, second by Michael Cetera, all in favor, motion carried.

George Matis made a motion to adopt Resolution #547, Hazardous Mitigation, second by James Bashour, all in favor, motion carried.

Chairman Michael Cetera stated that the Redstone Township Recreation Center is only available to anyone that has a contract to be using it.  Anyone without a contract will be subject to police action.

In the month of January 2023, the Redstone Township Police Department responded to 82 calls for service.  The officers investigated 1 Reportable Vehicle Accident and 0 Non-reportable Vehicle Accidents.  In January, there were 0 calls for Quad and Motorbike complaints.  The officer assisted other agencies 4 times and used the approved tow companies 7 times.  The Redstone Township Police units logged 2809 miles during this month.

In the month of January 2023, there were 9 Code Enforcement calls for service.



With no further business before the Board, a motion was made to adjourn by George Matis, second by James Bashour, all in favor, motion carried, meeting adjourned.