Redstone Township Board of Supervisors

Michael T. Cetera - Chairman / James R. Bashour - Vice-Chairman / George A. Matis - Secretary/Treasurer

Did you know?

Garbage - Mandatory garbage and trash pick-up.  Fayette Waste (724) 430-0100 provides this service for all residences of the Township. 

Recycling Schedule -

Redstone Township now is recycling metal and aluminum cans and newsprint.  These items may be dropped off at the Municipal Building Recycling Building

Office hours for Fayette Waste hours are from 9am to 3pm  724-430-0100.


Grass / Weeds - Grass / Weeds are not permitted to be higher than 6 inches.   

Burning - Burning is permitted only on Saturday's from 9 AM to 5 PM at which time it must be extinguished.  (must not give off noxious odor).  (Absolutely no burning on any day other than Saturday!)

Leash Law - All cats and dogs must be properly leashed or penned.  

Bonfires and Campfires -  Anyone who wishes to have a large bonfire / campfire must contact the township and supply the following information:  Name of person or organization, Address and phone number, Date,time, and location where the bonfire/campfire is to be held, Notify the Fire Department of date, time, and location.